Neo is a pure Python package, so it should be easy to get it running on any system.

Installing from the Python Package Index


You can install the latest published version of Neo and its dependencies using:

$ pip install neo

Certain IO modules have additional dependencies. If these are not satisfied, Neo will still install but the IO module that uses them will fail on loading:

  • scipy >= 1.0.0 for NeoMatlabIO
  • h5py >= 2.5 for KwikIO
  • klusta for KwikIO
  • igor >= 0.2 for IgorIO
  • nixio >= 1.5 for NixIO
  • stfio for StimfitIO
  • pillow for TiffIO

These dependencies can be installed by specifying a comma-separated list with the pip install command:

$ pip install neo[nixio,tiffio]

Or when installing a specific version of neo:

$ pip install neo[nixio,tiffio]==0.9.0

These additional dependencies for IO modules are available:

* igorproio
* kwikio
* neomatlabio
* nixio
* stimfitio
* tiffio

To download and install the package manually, download:


$ unzip
$ cd neo-0.12.0.dev0
$ python install

Installing from source

To install the latest version of Neo from the Git repository:

$ git clone git://
$ cd python-neo
$ python install