Neo 0.5.1 release notes¶

4th May 2017

  • Fixes to AxonIO (thanks to @erikli and @cjfraz) and NeuroExplorerIO (thanks to Mark Hollenbeck)
  • Fixes to pickling of Epoch and Event objects (thanks to H√©lissande Fragnaud)
  • Added methods as_array() and as_quantity() to Neo data objects to simplify the common tasks of turning a Neo data object back into a plain Numpy array
  • Added NeuralynxIO, which reads standard Neuralynx output files in ncs, nev, nse and ntt format (thanks to Julia Sprenger and Carlos Canova).
  • Added the extras_require field to, to clearly document the requirements for different io modules. For example, this allows you to run pip install neo[neomatlabio] and have the extra dependency needed for the neomatlabio module (scipy in this case) be automatically installed.
  • Fixed a bug where slicing an AnalogSignal did not modify the linked ChannelIndex.

(Full list of closed issues)