Neo 0.7.0 release notes

26th November 2018

Main added features:
  • array annotations
Other features:
  • Event.to_epoch()
  • Change the behaviour of SpikeTrain.__add__ and SpikeTrain.__sub__
  • bug fix for Epoch.time_slice()
New IO classes:
  • RawMCSRawIO (raw multi channel system file format)
  • OpenEphys format
  • Intanrawio (both RHD and RHS)
  • AxographIO
Many bug fixes and improvements in IO:
  • AxonIO
  • WinWCPIO
  • NixIO
  • ElphyIO
  • Spike2IO
  • NeoMatlab
  • NeuralynxIO
  • BlackrockIO (V2.3)
  • NixIO (rewritten)
  • PyNNIO

(Full list of closed issues)

Thanks to Achilleas Koutsou, Andrew Davison, Björn Müller, Chadwick Boulay, erikli, Jeffrey Gill, Julia Sprenger, Lucas (lkoelman), Mark Histed, Michael Denker, Mike Sintsov, Samuel Garcia, Scott W Harden and William Hart for their contributions to this release.