Neo 0.6.0 release notes

23rd March 2018

Major changes:
  • Introduced neo.rawio: a low-level reader for various data formats
  • Added continuous integration for all IOs using CircleCI (previously only neo.core was tested, using Travis CI)
  • Moved the test file repository to - this makes it easier for people to contribute new files for testing.
Other important changes:
  • Added time_index() and splice() methods to AnalogSignal
  • IO fixes and improvements: Blackrock, TDT, Axon, Spike2, Brainvision, Neuralynx
  • Implemented __deepcopy__ for all data classes
  • New IO: BCI2000
  • Lots of PEP8 fixes!
  • Implemented __getitem__ for Epoch
  • Removed “cascade” support from all IOs
  • Removed lazy loading except for IOs based on rawio
  • Marked lazy option as deprecated
  • Added time_slice() in read_segment() for IOs based on rawio
  • Made SpikeTrain.times return a Quantity instead of a SpikeTrain
  • Raise a ValueError if t_stop is earlier than t_start when creating an empty SpikeTrain
  • Changed filter behaviour to return all objects if no filter parameters are specified
  • Fix pickling/unpickling of Events
Deprecated IO classes:
  • KlustaKwikIO (use KwikIO instead)
  • PyNNTextIO, PyNNNumpyIO

(Full list of closed issues)

Thanks to Björn Müller, Andrew Davison, Achilleas Koutsou, Chadwick Boulay, Julia Sprenger,
Matthieu Senoville, Michael Denker and especially Samuel Garcia for their contributions to this release.


version 0.6.1 was released immediately following 0.6.0 to fix a minor problem with the documentation.